KBP Participates in the 6th Kidney Disease Clinical Trialists Workshop
Nov 27, 2021

PRINCETON, N.J., 27 November, 2021 -- KBP Biosciences Co., Ltd. (“KBP Biosciences” or the “Company”), a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to research, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines for the global market, today announced that it has participated as a sponsor of the KDCT Workshop held virtually on October 29-30, 2021. Fred Yang, Chief Development Officer of KBP Biosciences, was an invited faculty member speaking during the session “Focus on Stage 4 CKD trials: Key Insights from Trials (Primarily)Targeting Blood Pressure.” The title of his presentation was “Treatment Options and Benefit/Risk Evaluation, Stage 4 CKD Uncontrolled/Resistant HTN and Beyond.”  Blood pressure and other efficacy and safety data was discussed from published reports on Spironolactone,  Finerenone, and Chlorthalidone. Positioning of various MRAs including KBP-5074 within the stage 3b/4 CKD and uncontrolled/resistant hypertension landscape was discussed.

“It is important to know that BP control in stage 4 CKD patients remains very challenging even following the resistant hypertension consensus report. The new class of nonsteroidal MRAs demonstrates a diversity in blood pressure lowering with minimal effect by Finerenone and significant effect with KBP-5074. With results from the BLOCK-CKD study, KBP-5074 could potentially be part of the solution for this unmet medical need,” said George Bakris, MD, co-chair of the session, Professor of Medicine and Director of the American Heart Association Comprehensive Hypertension Center at the University of Chicago Medicine.

“As in previous KDCT workshops, this year’s meeting was another important opportunity to raise awareness of unmet medical needs in stage 4 CKD patients and the role of KBP-5074 in addressing the unmet medical needs of patients with advanced CKD and uncontrolled hypertension,” stated Zhenhua Huang, Ph.D, Chairman and Founder of KBP Biosciences. “KBP continues to enhance its visibility within the cardiorenal community through sponsorship and participation in KDCT events.”

About KDCT

The KDCT Workshop (previously the INI-CRCT Workshop) is a high level think-tank, with an exceptional expert faculty. It involves a limited number of attendees (~100) and aims to foster an international exchange of ideas where we will brainstorm on trial design, conduct, ethics, interpretation, approvability and implementation encompassing drugs, devices, biomarkers and therapeutic strategies for kidney disease.

About KBP Biosciences

KBP Biosciences is a global, clinical-stage biotech company focused on research and development of new chemical entities with known mechanisms of action targeting underserved patient populations. Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, KBP Biosciences has strong capabilities from Discovery and CMC through global clinical development and registration. The company principally devotes its resources to three therapeutic areas: major organ protection anti-infectives and respiratory. inflammation, and.

KBP has built a proprietary R&D platform aimed at the discovery and development of global first-in-class compounds. The platform includes a compound library as basis of new compound discovery, a library of multi-drug resistant bacteria, and an in vivo pharmacology platform for screening and testing new compounds. KBP Biosciences is actively seeking to identify additional promising therapeutic opportunities and further develop its product portfolio.

About KBP-5074

KBP-5074 is a non-steroidal MRA discovered and developed by KBP Biosciences Co., Ltd.  KBP-5074 selectively binds to recombinant human MRs with much higher affinity than to recombinant human glucocorticoid, progesterone, and androgen receptors, suggesting that KBP-5074 should be effective in blocking the hypertensive and renal tissue damaging effects of aldosterone with reduced risk of pro-diabetic and adverse endocrine effects. KBP-5074 has been investigated in 9 clinical studies including the BLOCK-CKD phase 2b study. Phase 3 study preparations are underway in close consultation with FDA’s Division of Cardiology and Nephrology.

For more information about KBP Biosciences, please visit the company website at https://www.kbpbiosciences.com/.


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